CLC Policies 2021-2022

(Updated 9/10/2021)

Drop-Off/Pickup Procedures

Upon arrival, parents will use the Procare app to log their child in/out and answer a daily health screening questionnaire. Please follow these guidelines:

Health Requirements

To maintain the healthiest environment at our program, it is vital that children who display symptoms of illness remain at home.

Children with any of the following symptoms will not be allowed to attend:

We will require a doctor’s note for anyone who visits a doctor for any of these symptoms to assure they are negative for COVID-19, and to be aware of what illness might be causing their symptoms.

While we know that some COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those of allergies or colds, we reserve the right to deny entrance to those we feel have symptoms that are concerning. This will also apply if any person(s) dropping off or picking up a child is showing symptoms. When a child becomes ill, the child cannot return to the program until he or she is symptom free without the use of medication for 48 hours. CLC reserves the right to request a doctor’s note prior to returning to the program.

Illness During the Day

Case of COVID-19

If your child contracts COVID:


Exposure to COVID-19

If your child has been exposed to a family member who has been confirmed as a positive case of COVID-19, the family must inform the CLC Office via e-mail or phone (do not send a message via ProCare) as soon as possible and must satisfy the following requirements:

Children exposed outside of their household (e.g., through sports, church, etc.) will not be required to quarantine as long as they remain symptom free.

Confirmed COVID-19 Case at CLC

If there is a confirmed case of COVID in a CLC class, CLC will notify the staff and parents of the class of the date of exposure and the return date. The class will be closed for 7 days. The day of exposure is considered as day “0” and we can reopen the class on the first CLC day after the 7th day of quarantine. So, if the 7th day falls on a CLC day, then the class would reopen the next CLC day.

Tuition Policy

Should CLC close for reasons beyond our control, the current month’s tuition is non-refundable. The same is applicable should a class be required to quarantine. Parents must give a 30-day written notification, along with payment (prorated if notification is in the middle of the month), to withdraw from the program if they feel it is in the best interest of their family. Registration and supply fees are non-refundable.

Health and Safety Guidelines: